Category Nutrition

  • The ENZYME Revolution

    The Enzyme Revolution is a 90 minute seminar recording presented by international speaker Tom Bohager. This presentation covers some common misconceptions about enzymes & enzyme therapy—along with the latest applications of enzymes in supporting optimal health.

    • The ENZYME Revolution - $0.00
  • The Big Fat Story

    The Big Fat Story, presented by Stuart Tomc, is a 1 hour seminar recording that covers the significance of the vital nutrient omega-3 in conception, development, and graceful ageing.

    • The Big Fat Story - $15.00 $0.00
  • Research Nutrition Product Presentation

    A 30 minute overview on the Research Nutrition product range, presented by Alex Hills, [GradCertEvidCompMed, BMedsMgmentProfHonsCM,BHSci (Comp Med), AdvDipNat, AdvDipWHM] from Research Nutrition.

    • Research Nutrition Product Presentation - $0.00
  • Mastering Advanced B-Vitamin Prescriptions in Practice

    Mastering Advanced B-Vitamin Prescriptions in Practice is a 90 minute webinar presented by Warren Maginn. It covers the biochemistry of B-Vitamins and how to build appropriately personalised B-Vitamin and Methylation protocols. In addition, 10 minutes of product analysis with Research Nutrition is included.

    • Mastering Advanced B-Vitamin Prescriptions in Practice - $35.00
  • Nuzest Introduction

    In this 45 minute presentation, Nuzest formulators Robert Verkerk (Scientist) and Meleni Aldridge (Nutritionist) describe the Nuzest range formulations and how they have achieved the best quality products, without compromise.

    • Nuzest Introduction - $0.00
  • Organic Acid Testing with DUTCH

    In this 90 minute recorded webinar, Dr. Mark Newman and Dr. Carrie Jones cover what organic acids can tell you about your patients, and how they integrate with the other information given on the DUTCH reports.

    • Organic Acid Testing with DUTCH - $0.00
  • Nutritional Compounding 101

    In this 105 minute webinar, Warren Maginn explains how to successfully compound in clinic.

    • Nutritional Compounding 101 - $29.00
  • The Facts About Vitamin A

    In this 1 hour webinar plus 20 minute QnA recording, Warren Maginn discusses the importance of vitamin A, the best sources, and safety considerations.

    • The Facts About Vitamin A - $0.00
  • A Deep Dive into Arctic Cod Liver Oil

    In this 1 hour webinar, Karla Schmidt, C.N., discusses the uses and benefits of cod liver oil for every life stage.

    • A Deep Dive into Arctic Cod Liver Oil - $0.00
  • Clinical Insights Workshop - SLIDES

    In this 2-day workshop (totaling 13 hours), Dr. William Shaw & Dr. Sanjeev Sharma covered when to choose Organic Acid Testing (OAT) and/or environmental pollutant testing (GPL-TOX) and how to interpret the results to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

  • FT Fundamentals Module 2: Nutrition

    FT Fundamentals Nutrition Module, presented by Warren Maginn, is a 2 hour webinar recording on functional testing. It focuses on understanding nutritional assessments and how to apply these insights in clinical practice.