Research Nutrition Product Presentation


In this presentation, hear about the Research Nutrition Difference, and our evidence-based approach to formulating products.

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(Presented December 2017)

Presented by Alex Hills [GradCertEvidCompMed, BMedsMgmentProfHonsCM,BHSci (Comp Med), AdvDipNat, AdvDipWHM] from Research Nutrition.


  • What is unique about our supplement range?
  • Our Values
  • Raw Ingredient Purity
  • Excipients and Absorption
  • Why Don’t we Use Tablets?
  • Why do we make so many Singles?
  • Our Methodology
  • Product Range

For more information on these products please visit our practitioner website here.

Length: 30 min
Terms: This course is subject to future edits and alterations.
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