Organic Acid Testing: A clinicians perspective


In this 1 hour presentation, Elizma Lambert presents the clinical interpretation and relevance of Organic Acid Testing in practice and the biochemistry involved.

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(Presented 2017)

Elizma Lambert discusses the interpretation of Organic Acid Testing (OAT) Results

What is Covered:

  • A run through all the markers and what they mean
  • Easy places to start if you’ve never run an OAT before
  • Dividing the OAT into sections for easy clinical interpretation and relevance
  • Case Study to bring it all together
  • Opportunity to go down the OAT rabbit hole and learn more about the biochemistry involved and connections to other pathways

Length: 1 hour
Presenter: Elizma Lambert
Terms: This course is subject to future edits and alterations.
Notes: Notes are available and printable.
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