FT Fundamentals Module 3: Toxicity

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FT Fundamentals Toxicity Workshop, presented by Warren Maginn, is a 2 hour webinar recording on functional testing. It focuses on understanding toxicity assessments and how to apply these insights in clinical practice.

Covers methods to test for and manage toxic chemical and metal burdens to the body.

This module is part-three of a four-part series: Functional Testing Fundamentals

The purpose of these modules is to provide a clinically relevant resource for practitioners looking to uphold the values of true patient centered care and a functional approach to medicine / healthcare, that utilises some of the most powerful clinical tools available to assess causality rather than pure symptomology in their clinical practice.

This module has been split into a series of short lessons for your convenience, however we highly recommend watching the chapters in the order that they are intended.

If you have purchased all 4 Functional Testing Fundamental modules, we also highly recommend to watch them in order; parts 1-4.

PREVIEW NOW – Watch the 11 minute sample video:

Length: 2 hours
Presenter: Warren Maginn
Terms: This course is subject to ongoing updates
Notes: Notes are not available for this presentation
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